2012 International Poster Design Exhibition(English)

2012 International Poster Design Exhibition
VIDAK International Poster Design Invitation Exhibit

1. Purpose of Exhibition
Through the exhibition, design information exchange among VIDAK members and exchange between domestic and overseas designers

2. Outline of Exhibition
1) Theme : Social Justice
2) Supervision: Visual Information Design Association of Korea
3) Sponsor: Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Seoul Design Foundation, Seoul Design Center, (Cor)Korean Foundation of Design Associations, (Cor)Brand Design Association of Korea, g-colon magazine, designnet magazine, Monthly Design magazine
4) Place: Gallery Yiang (Daehagno)
5) Period: December 26 (Wed) - 31 (Sun), 2012 for 6 days
6) Opening ceremony: 6 PM, December 26 (Wed), 2012
7) Sponsorship: Doosung paper, Samwon paper

3. Entry Qualification
1) Domestic artists: regular members of VIDAK and Brand Design Association of Korea
*For domestic artists, 2012 annual fee should be fully paid
2) Overseas artists: the invited artists by VIDAK regular members

4. Entry Data
1) Entry form
2) Written consent of work donation agreement
3) Artist picture - width 50 x length 60(mm), CMYK, 300dpi, JPG / TIFF
4) Work data
Print - B1 (728mm x 1,030mm), 300dpi, CMYK, JPG / TIFF / PDF
*In case of existing work, maintain the existing size
Catalog - A4 (210mm x 297mm), 300dpi, CMYK, JPG / TIFF
*When uploading a file, please use your name as file name
*We do not accept entry form or applicant's work through email

5. Number of Work
150 work of domestic and overseas designers

6. Notes for submission
Due date/time: 6pm, November 23 (Fri), 2012
Use Webhard:, ID: vidak77 / PW: vidak77
[Upload folder] → [2012 VIDAK International poster exhibition]
→ [make a folder using an artist name and then upload]
*When Uploading a file, make sure to use artist's name as file name

7. Work Donation
After the exhibition finishes, work will be donated to Korea Culture Institution, elementary, middle, high schools, and organizations (to be decided)

8. Organization
The chairman of executive committee
Myeong, Gye-soo (VIDAK president, Konkuk University professor)

Executive committee
Jun, Jong-bum (Policy planning vice president, Sahmyook University, professor)
Sun, Byeong-il (Public relation and press vice president, Namseoul University, professor)
Hwang, Man-suk (Financial affairs and business vice president, Atom photo representative)
Kim, kyoung-kyun (International exchange affairs vice president, Korea National University of Arts, professor)
Ahn, byung-hak (International exchange affairs director, Design-sai representative)
Cin, Dong-chern (International exchange affairs director, Marummo design representative)
Kim, Jeong-yeol (VIDAK executive office director)

9. Contact information
VIDAK executive office
Phone: 031-706-0970, Fax: 031-706-0981
Address: 322, Yanghyeon-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, SEOUL 463-954 Rep. of KOREA